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All-Purpose Citrus
Concentrated Cleaner

"Cleans Anything

Count on Citra-all Cleaning Product™ from C & H Enterprises to be your all-purpose residential, commercial, and industrial concentrated cleaner. From kitchens and bathrooms to sporting goods, camping gear, and automobiles, Citra-all cleans anything that's washable. While we've been in business with what we believe to be the best cleaning product in the world for just 6 years, our owner has more than 20 years of industry experience. Best of all, our owner supervises all goings-on in our company, and our independent contractors report directly to him, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction at every level of service. Contact us today to find out more about this amazing cleaning product.

Citra-all Cleaning Product Prices

  • Single Bottle:
    • 32-Ounces/$50
    • Makes 16–32 Quarts
  • 6 Quarts:
    • $33.33 each = $200.00 for 6 quarts (1/2 case)
  • 12 Quarts:
    • $28.33 each = $340 for 12 quarts (1 case)
    • $22.50 each = $540 for 24 quarts (2 cases)
    • $17.00 each = $1020 for 60 quarts (5 cases)

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 Keep everything in your life clean with our
all-purpose concentrated citrus cleaner available
from our headquarters in Lawrenceville, GA. 30044




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